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Mavala stop is not designed or intended to stop thumb sucking. It was made to stop nail biting, and then the good marketers figured out they could sell it for . Mavala Stop discourages nail biting and thumb sucking..The easy way to stop nail biting. Safe, highly effective formula for adults and TEENren. Invisible matte finish. Does not wash off. Promotes healthy nail growth.From biting their nails to twirling their hair to constantly interrupting, your TEENs' little quirks make you crazed. Help them overcome these and other unseemly . Apr 30, 2004 . Some of the nail polishes for nail biting and thumb sucking have capsicum. I hope you have luck stopping the thumb sucking with your TEEN!My daughter who is almost two has taken up the habit of biting her nails.. thumb sucking stuff that you rub on their thumbs to get them to stop thumb sucking?There are several products on the market that are safe and effective in helping TEENren to stop thumb sucking and nail biting. Mavala Stop-Nail Biting and . Discourages nail biting for adults and TEENren ages 3 and older. It also helps to prevent thumb sucking. New product recommended by Dentists, Orthodontists . Mavala Stop has a bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel. It helps to break the nail biting habit and thumb sucking. Works for TEENren . more

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